This year I will be single on Valentine’s Day. This will not lead me to the wine bottle or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.  I will not be sad and wonder if I will ever be as happy as those couples carrying red hearts and making googly eyes.  Instead, I will celebrate and be surrounded by love. And I’d like to make a few suggestions how you can join me!

et-2006631_640Celebrate love every where you see it.  When I was in grad school, I had a particularly sarcastic view of Valentine’s Day. I invited all my single friends out, we would wear grey and black and dine together. Now, we were a little tongue in cheek with this and I love the idea of spending Valentine’s Day with wonderful friends, but I wasn’t blessing the love that I saw around me. I was too busy being annoyed that I didn’t have it.

Over the years, I realize whatever I bless shows up in my life. It’s like it knows that it has a home just waiting for it. So if you would like more love, say a quiet blessing to yourself for every couple you see that they may be well and happy. If you are feeling particularly bold appreciate what you genuinely love about the couples in your life. Know that whatever you bless in your life comes back to you, often in unexpected and delightful ways.

Do things that are evidence of your own care for yourself. There are plenty of couples out there who are miserable. There are couples where one doesn’t feel seen by the other. Coupledom doesn’t equal your needs being met. Ultimately, you are responsible for making that happen whether you are soulfully single or in a couple.

So spend the day and pay some attention to your needs. Buy yourself flowers. Go to a movie that you like. I’ll be getting a massage and hanging with friends. We teach other people how to treat us. One of the best things you can do for the people in your life is teach them to treat you with love by treating yourself with love.

Release any notions that you are not worthy or deserving enough for love.  I have had those “woe is me” Valentine’s Days where I thought that I must be broken or so unloveable that I should just give up. I feel your pain. Sometimes you just don’t know how to move the needle in the direction of the love that you want in your life.

But here’s the thing. Worthy or unworthy have nothing to do with your being single or coupled. In fact, there’s no such thing. You are worthy for love as a condition of your birth. It’s prebuilt that you deserve love because we all do. At its deepest level, love is simply experiencing the flow of energy that binds us all. We love coupled love so much because we can feel that connection more acutely in intense relationships.

Release any notion that you are not attractive, thin, tall, etc. enough for love. This is a special subset of the not worthy argument. You can look around you and find people of all shapes and sizes, all genders and sexual orientations, all colors and creeds, all finding relationships. While physical characteristics definitely play a role in attraction, more often that not love surprises us. The person we feel most connected to rarely comes in the package that we were shopping for.

If you feel like there is something about your personality or way of being in the world that’s getting in the way, then I would invite you take a look at that. I recently realized that I was carrying a weird belief that I was too boring to attract the love I wanted. I realized this while traveling in Thailand on my own, hanging with elephants and tigers and zip lining cross jungles. Who knows where this belief came from but it was neither true nor useful.

If you are are experiencing yourself as too closed, angry, busy, overwhelmed…to let love in then let today be the day you make a choice to shift that. You can just make a small adjustment. Open your heart a little. Smile at someone on the street. Make eye contact. Do whatever small thing that will remind you of the inherent goodness that is within you.

Finally, become the love that you wish to invite into your heart. We get confused and think love is a thing to be possessed.  I’ve never been as lonely as when I held this belief – convinced that love had to be found out there. In reality, love is simply an energy that other people allow us to connect more easily to but it’s always available to us. One of the simplest ways we can connect into that energy is to do something for others, see beyond ourselves and become an ambassador of love.

You may choose to do all of these or none. No matter how many of these invitations you choose to accept, I want to remind you that you are love. At your core, your truest essence is the love that runs throughout and connects all life. Anytime you pause and listen deeply for the love that you already are, you’ll be able to find it. So wherever you are right now, please know that where I am right now, my heart is touching yours. I see the love that you are! You can’t hide it even if you want to!