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The World Needs Your Leadership

Some days it feels like we are spinning out of control. Our institutions are rapidly evolving along with our culture and we need people who can lead the way.  People who are evolved and evolving. We have a unique opportunity to leave our mark on life, make the planet a more welcoming home for all creatures and invite genuine prosperity for all.  Now is our time.


But it’s going to take new learning and new ways of being in the world. It’s going to take releasing a lot of what is holding us back. And new tools, some of which have yet to come into being. Dr. Scott’s work is an opportunity to step into leadership at the personal and the global levels.

Opportunities to Evolve Your Heart and Your Mind

Online Learning for World Changers and Rulebreakers

Dr. Scott offers a variety of courses throughout the year to support people in changing their lives. Many of the programs, interviews and experiences that he offers online are free of charge. Please join our email list to be among the first to get your invitation.

Retreats for World Changers and Rule Breakers

Dr. Scott offers retreats throughout the year, often with other transformational leaders like SARK, Suzanne Evans, Sam Bennett, Edward Vilga and others. These are opportunities to dive deep, create lasting change in your life and the world.  The two current retreat programs that he is offering are filled. Please join our email list if you would like to be the first to know about upcoming offerings.

Private Mentoring for World Changers and Rule Breakers

Dr. Scott guides a small group of seasoned and emerging leaders in creating prosperous paths to creating change.  He is focused on working with healers, coaches, transformational leaders – impossible people doing impossible things.  If you are interested in working with Dr. Scott privately please reach out to

A New Vision of Prosperity

It all begins with a revolution in our understanding of prosperity.  It’s not just about money anymore. We can’t keep pretending that our inner and outer prosperity can fit into a bank statement.   Consider for a moment what your unique prosperity fingerprint is – a unique combination of your inner and outer needs and desires.

Releasing the Pain of Past Negative Relationships

Today I want to share a way that you can release all that past relationship pain that gets in the way of having the experience of life that you want.  And while this particularly appropriate for love, you might notice that the more grudges and resentments you hold,...
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What To Do On Valentine’s Day When You Are Single

This year I will be single on Valentine’s Day. This will not lead me to the wine bottle or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.  I will not be sad and wonder if I will ever be as happy as those couples carrying red hearts and making googly eyes.  Instead, I will celebrate and...
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Impossible People Doing Impossible Things

Scott Mills, Ph.D. Last week, 1700 people gathered outside of Washington, DC to do the impossible – to imagine another world – one where politics is grounded in love. The gathering, called Sister Giant, was filled with insight, inspiration, revelations and...
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Return to Wholeness

What if we all came from a place of light and love? And what if we can return to that place (since we carry it inside of us) at pretty much a moment’s notice.  In this short exercise I guide you back into connection with your own light and wholeness....
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No Time for Despair: A Case for Hope in Dark Days

I’ve been looking around the world lately and finding a lot to be in despair about – the massacres in Orlando and Dallas, young African American men being needlessly killed and the refusal of our political leaders to respond with more than a gesture. In...
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