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Scott helped me go from $10 to $15 million in sales last year!  I couldn’t have done it without him!

Ruth Krishnan

Paragon Real Estate Group

Scott Mills is truly one of our time’s most gifted Evolutionary Leaders who has a talent for bridging the transformational divide for those feeling called to step into the next evolution of who we are meant to be. If you are on a path to something bigger and looking for a guide to unearth what’s possible for you, you could not find a better mentor to have on the journey than Scott Mills.

Jane Deuber

CEO, Virtual Training Academy

Since working with Scott Mills, I left my job, started my own business, and have gained a tremendous amount of freedom and flexibility. I feel confident and open to the abundance in this world as I grow financially as well as expand my reach to a global audience. I also have more time for my own health and for my family now. I am so grateful for Scott’s support, he gave me exactly the boost that I needed!

Dr. Amy Day

Women's Health and Hormone Expert

I don’t know what it is about Scott but every time I talk with him I seem to learn more about me – about how I’m wired, why I do the things I do (and more importantly why I sometimes DON’T do the things I need to do.) Scott has insight that few people in our industry have – not just based on experience but based on solid science and an education to back that up (can’t always say that about folks out there.) Working with Scott is more like a light bulb moment than a trudge up the mountain – things just click and you can see it. Plus he is a super fun guy to have lunch with, if you ever get the chance. 😉

Tina Forsyth

Founder and Business Leverage Expert, CEO Business School for Transformational Leaders

Thanks so much, Dr. Scott, for a truly eye-opening session. It really helped piece together some disparate activities and themes into clearly recognizable patterns. Furthermore, it is especially useful to realize that my “type” is an Idea person and to understand how to best leverage that creativity…while finding solutions and structures to support me in areas where I’m weaker. I came away from our session with a fresh perspective on how best to serve others, while seeking to continue supporting my own evolution and growth.

Jesse Krieger

Author, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Scott is the brightest and most creative coach I’ve known or worked with. He has so many different kinds of strategies in his toolbox and is able to create programs that fit the unique needs of each of his clients. He’s also warm, supportive and has a great sense of humor. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Dan Kaufman, Ph.D

Leadership Coach, Integral Potential

With Scott’s coaching, my practice has doubled since I began coaching with him six months ago. And, I am attracting more and more of my ideal clients! Thank you, Scott!

Dr. Liz Dobbins

Shine Chiropractic, Oakland, CA

I had been dreading giving a talk at a networking group, but I worked with Scott and he taught me some NLP exercises that helped a lot. The night before, I practiced a few exercises he gave me and I slept really well since I was relaxed. I was not nervous at all when I gave the talk–what a surprise! Thank you, Scott!

Marnie Reasor

Classical Homeopath, Resplendenthealing

As a licensed clinical social worker and a yoga instructor, I have studied various forms mind/body approaches that support others in overcoming lots of issues including life stressors, anxiety, trauma, depression but I’ve never experienced anything quite as powerful as Scott’s work…I feel more capable and confident in dealing with the challenges as they arise. Thank you, Scott for helping this healer find abundance and inner strength that i had not tapped into before.

Ken Breniman

Yoga Therapist, MSW, RYT

Scott is an extremely effective coach with an amazing understanding of situations, highly creative approaches and a compelling way of helping clients see the value of trying new ways for making life successful. His ways of working with people employ his extensive knowledge of methodologies and disciplines, his genuine caring for others and his effectiveness in engaging people of all ages and backgrounds. You could not have a more effective supporter than Scott.

Dr. Cathy Rodgers, Ph.D

Life Coach,New York

My work with Scott has been life changing and I don’t use that phrase lightly. On a daily basis I use the insights and exercises he has shared with me. Because of the work we’ve done together I have a more fulfilled life. I am impressed with his ferocious appetite to learn and then use his ability to synthesize it and share it with his clients.

Jeff Lehman

Lehman Organizing, Solutions

Ever feel anxious about starting something new in your life? Scott Mills has guided me through my fears of the unknown with helpful techniques that have allowed me to start my own business. Scott’s warm, impish sensibility brings out great insights on how to observe our behaviors and make positive adjustments to them.

Stacy Matties

Massage Therapist

Scott’s decisive insight, skill, creativity, and playfulness has totally revolutionized our work with our clients: and even more powerfully, our training curriculum of Applied Neuroscience for Evolutionary Leaders.

Caitrìona Reed

Co-Founder, Five Changes

If you don’t know about Scott’s work… it has everything to do with retooling the effectiveness and plasticity of the BRAIN and diving deep into exploring AND manifesting ALL possibilities into being to achieve the massively abundant lives we are all here to realize. My term for him is the “What If Wizard”. You can see why I resonate with a powerhouse like this smile emoticon Reach out to Scott and see what he’s up to… you won’t be disappointed.

Dan Fowler

Owner, Red River Productions and Imagination Q

Dr. Scott’s work is magical in a scientific and grounded way. He sees with pin-point accuracy and resolves the root cause. Truth is, when you understand yourself and what makes you tick you become a more empowered leader. Oh, and did I mention he has a wicked sense of humor to boot?

Star Ladin

Owner, Star-Preneur Inc.

Working so closely with Dr. Scott Mills has been one of the greatest growth experiences of my life, including both the business and personal aspects of my life.  Dr. Scott is at the forefront of the nexus where cutting edge neuroscience, consciousness, business coaching and deep transformation intersect.  He is unique in what he can do as a business coach and transformational genius.  I’ve worked with a lot of modalities, therapists, coaches and more.  I can honestly say, that if it were not for Scott, I would not have achieved the national acclaim as an expert in my field without Scott’s expert business coaching, guidance and moreover, his astute way of noticing just where my system needed the touch of transformation to step more and more into my true potential.  Dr. Mills deeply embodies the conscious spirit that is needed to lead the next generation of entrepreneurs.  If you want to become your greatest self on the way to creating a six or seven figure business, step fully into your calling and claim your part in affecting the evolution of consciousness on this planet, then Scott truly is the man with whom to work.

Gary Salyer, Ph.D.

Transformational Relationship Coach