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Entertaining, Wise and Gentle

Scott has spoken in front of thousands of people across the U.S.   He is always a crowd pleaser with his wit, his charm and his warmth all the while challenging audiences to think about business in new ways!   Whether he is leading a workshop or speaking at an event, he is always pulling the audience into the conversation inviting them to imagine new possibilities and offering new strategies to move you forward.


Marching for Change: Reflections from the Gun Control March in Portland

This year has been a year of marching. We marched in the Women's March. We marched for environmental justice. We will soon be marching for pride. And this weekend we marched for life - to put the lives of the many over the rights of guns. I know this may sound...

Releasing the Pain of Past Negative Relationships

Today I want to share a way that you can release all that past relationship pain that gets in the way of having the experience of life that you want.  And while this particularly appropriate for love, you might notice that the more grudges and resentments you hold,...

What To Do On Valentine’s Day When You Are Single

This year I will be single on Valentine’s Day. This will not lead me to the wine bottle or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.  I will not be sad and wonder if I will ever be as happy as those couples carrying red hearts and making googly eyes.  Instead, I will celebrate and...

Impossible People Doing Impossible Things

Scott Mills, Ph.D. Last week, 1700 people gathered outside of Washington, DC to do the impossible - to imagine another world - one where politics is grounded in love. The gathering, called Sister Giant, was filled with insight, inspiration, revelations and information...

Return to Wholeness

What if we all came from a place of light and love? And what if we can return to that place (since we carry it inside of us) at pretty much a moment's notice.  In this short exercise I guide you back into connection with your own light and wholeness....

No Time for Despair: A Case for Hope in Dark Days

I've been looking around the world lately and finding a lot to be in despair about - the massacres in Orlando and Dallas, young African American men being needlessly killed and the refusal of our political leaders to respond with more than a gesture. In the midst of...
Michelle Masters
Michelle MastersCreator of Money Magic
I really want to thank Scott, who has helped me through this, who has helped me going and keeps me going when I need that. Scott has been very inspirational in keeping this going and getting this out there, and so I really thank Scott.
Jeff Slayter
Jeff SlayterCo-Founder of Industry Rockstars
After working with and meeting Scott, we actually engaged with Scott to help us with our social media and start getting our marketing organized. It’s been about three and a half years, and thanks to that foundation, we’ve presented in 12 different countries, presented over 280 days a year on entrepreneurship, helping people that have a message inside them build a business - six or seven-figure business.
Sharla Jacobs
Sharla JacobsPresident of Thrive Academy
Scott Mills rocked the house at "Get Leverage" this past weekend.His section on Educational Design was enlightening for all of us who are committed to creating powerful transformations in our clients' lives.I highly recommend Scott's work!

Topics Dr. Scott Speaks On…

Breaking the Bonds of Traditional Prosperity: A Personal and Global Path to Prosperity, Happiness and Heatlh

The reason so many people are unhappy today is they’ve been asked to play a game that they can’t win. Our rules and understandings about life – particularly prosperity – are broken and it’s time for a reboot. In this talk, I share the 7 biggest breakdowns in our current prosperity game and how we can get back on track.

Your Guru is Mistaken: A Path to Human Evolution that Starts with Wholeness, Light and Joy

Our consumer, self-help culture has taken us down a path that has always wondering why we are so broken? What’s wrong with us and how do we fix it? But there’s another path to human evolution – the Human Evolution System – that begins in wholeness and teaches you to reconnect to the sense of flow, ease and energy that moves through each of us. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was nothing to fix about you? This talk focuses on practical applications that audiences can use immediately to reconnect to the flow of life and start living more fully right now.

We Can’t Build the New World with Broken Tools: Tools for Evolving Heroes

Most of us agree, we need to shift the course of the planet. Global warming, hunger, homelessness not to mention a general sense of meaningless and questioning why we do any of this are all heading us off a cliff. But there’s time and hope. This talk focuses on the tools that will lead us to ways to work with each other and ourselves that shift our current dilemma into a land of possibility.

If you would like Dr. Scott to speak for your event or group, you may reach out to or call 800-680-8550. If you are a member of the media and would like to book an interview please reach out to or call 800-680-8550.  We will get back to you promptly. 

You May Have Heard Scott speak at: Opening for Deepak Chopra, Teaching with SARK, As Eben Pagan’s Personal Evolution Expert at Meta Mind, Jeff Slayter and Kane Minkus, Training Christian Mickelsen’s coaching team, Suzanne Evans, Sam Bennett, Shift Network, interviewed by Shereen Sun, Mindy, Michael Knouse.  Here’s a small taste of Scott teaching coaches a bit about their brains.