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The world is waking up!

Millions of people around the world have woken up to a deep desire to have a happier, more joy- filled, meaningful way of life. It’s clear that the old path to a better life have been closed and we must forge a new one.

Maybe your one of the millions who’ve woken up and decided that the punch card, nine to five, work till you retire and then die, life is no longer appealing. Maybe you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and wonder if this is really all there is.

It’s time for a new understanding of what it means to be prosperous and how to live in a way that makes gives you money, time and energy to live the life you know you are here to live.

Marching for Change: Reflections from the Gun Control March in Portland

This year has been a year of marching. We marched in the Women's March. We marched for environmental justice. We will soon be marching for pride. And this weekend we marched for life - to put the lives of the many over the rights of guns. I know this may sound...

Releasing the Pain of Past Negative Relationships

Today I want to share a way that you can release all that past relationship pain that gets in the way of having the experience of life that you want.  And while this particularly appropriate for love, you might notice that the more grudges and resentments you hold,...

What To Do On Valentine’s Day When You Are Single

This year I will be single on Valentine’s Day. This will not lead me to the wine bottle or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.  I will not be sad and wonder if I will ever be as happy as those couples carrying red hearts and making googly eyes.  Instead, I will celebrate and...

Impossible People Doing Impossible Things

Scott Mills, Ph.D. Last week, 1700 people gathered outside of Washington, DC to do the impossible - to imagine another world - one where politics is grounded in love. The gathering, called Sister Giant, was filled with insight, inspiration, revelations and information...

Return to Wholeness

What if we all came from a place of light and love? And what if we can return to that place (since we carry it inside of us) at pretty much a moment's notice.  In this short exercise I guide you back into connection with your own light and wholeness....

A New Approach to Creating Change in Our Lives

Creating the life you want doesn’t have to all sacrifice, pain and misery. In fact, I created the Human Evolution System as a playful, gentle path to adjust your heart and brain and get the change you really want in your life.  The Human Evolution System is the product of twenty five years working, playing, dreaming and evolving in the field of personal development. 

Dr. Scott Mills is leading the way!

Described as a cross between Yoda and Bill Nye (the Science Guy), Dr. Scott brings a deep love for the inner workings of the brain as well as a love for the world of spirituality, to create deep and lasting change for the people who enjoy his work.

While he is often working in the background to support many of the luminaries of the self-help movement, you are just as likely to find him standing on a stage or teaching a seminar to people.

It’s time for the world to wake up. The alarm bells are ringing. And Dr. Scott is happy to be one of the folks ready to welcome it with open arms.

A New Set of Tools to Create a Better World

There has never been a time in my life that the need to embrace global prosperity has been so obvious. We are a deeply connected people on a planet that is calling us to reach out and touch, connect, care for and love one another. The Tools for Evolving Heroes is my gift to people who are shining their light in the world and can use some support. 

Receive tools and articles
that will support you in
creating a more prosperous life